Manage virtual infrastructure

KVM based virtual infrastructure management suite, with clustering and image inspection



Restore point

The capability to snapshot a VM and create a revision history enables restoring it to the previous known state.

Private network

Create a private cluster of VMs, with a configurable connectivity to the external world, especially useful for test beds.

Optimize disk utilization

Avoid data duplication across similar images.

Auto start

Configure VMs to start automatically when the host server comes back online.

Image inspection

Look at the installed packages on a VM image without having to start it.

Secure console

Rest assured that you have secure access to your VM console.

USB device redirection

Supports redirection for USB devices like USB storage, printers, scanners and others.

Diff images

Compare VM images and identify package differences effortlessly.

Directory Services

EigenServ supports Windows Directory and Open LDAP directory services for user logins.

Load balancing

EigenServ chooses a suitable host from the pool of available hosts for provisioning, based on local policies.

Server grouping

Create multiple host pools and assign them to user groups.

Demo mode

Make a VMs console available to all users in view (read-only) mode.



Savings on capital expenses for hardware

Buy less costly/powerful (may be thin client) desktops.

Due to EigenServ's storage optimizing technology, one needs to buy 50-70% less storage than required by the virtual machines.

Fast and slim backup.

Build clusters and grids at a low cost without having to invest in a farm of physical machines.

Savings on hardware and software maintenance

Use of thin clients for desktops will save the maintenance charges.

In the case of using old desktops for desktops it is easy to get cheaper maintenance contract for the desktops.

Lower maintenance expense.

Reduction in power and cooling expenses

Lower capital expense.

Upto 70% cost reduction is possible due to very low power consumption by the thin clients and reduction in cooling requirement.

The desktops do not need significant computing power and hence cen be replaced with thin clients. They do not need any cooling.

Maximize access to licensed software

Expensive licensed software are installed only on a few machines. EigenServ facilitates time shared access to such machines.

Work across multiple platforms with ease

The advantages of virtualization have been leveraged here to provide you with an easy access to machines that run different/identical operating systems at the same time.

Asset Management

All virtual machines, with their revision history, can be viewed and managed from a single web console.

Search across virtual machines

Can search for VMs not only using attribute tags, but also by software packages installed in them.

Cluster configurations

Lets you build clusters and grids using virtual machines.

One click audit reporting

Provides a very intuitive reporting feature. Administrators can now extract interesting auditing data for all kinds of reporting.

Clear ownership

The accountability for a machine can be traced to specific users instead of the organization.

Going green and discharging social responsibilities

Enables the organization to play its role in addressing the challenges of global climate protection by offering more energy-efficient computing.

Offers up to 70% savings on annual power and cooling cost.

Increases the machine's life cycle by 80-100% thereby reducing the amount of e-waste generated by the organization.