Combine computer labs with online content for a richer learning experience

Virtualization and massively open online courses brought together - to create a participative learning environment that emphasises practical learning.



Group content & lab

serve course content along with lab access

match lab configuration to course content

Simplified access

web based user access.

Simplified management

unified mobile friendly web based access for admins.

Multi-platform support

can train on any x-86 based platform.

GRID computing ready

supports PVM and MPI based farms.



On-boarding training

Most training imparted to freshers is non-proprietary and basic but emphasises the practical aspects of course.

MyCourse provides a standardized lab environment to conduct these lab sessions while also serving web based course content.

Leveraging a web based delivery platform enables scalability and reduces costs.

Given standardization in the environment, it is possible to “off-shore” this training.