colama Suite

IT management products that drive down costs.

EigenServ for enterprises

A comprehensive virtual infrastructure management software with a simple and intuitive interface for commodity hardware.

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Facilitates centralized management of desktops. Supports Windows and Linux OS flavours. Simplifies updates. Scales on demand.

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Virtualization and massively open online courses brought together - to create a participative learning environment that emphasizes practical learning.

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We Believe in Solutions


Our engagement with clients is not limited to the products we offer - our team of experts, partner with you in designing custom solutions for your needs.



We understand the industry’s quickly evolving demands and needs, and help Enterprises leverage virtualization in the best possible way to build scalable solutions, manage resources efficiently, provision and control assets and more.


Using our experience with virtualization and need based design, we help SMEs to provision, standard configured desktops with a single click, Recover from desktop downtime issues faster than ever and more.


While the Internet brought to bear advances in technology to the field of web based education, we still lacked a scalable laboratory environment that was affordable. We, at Colama, sought to bridge that gap.



Serves KVM hypervisor based virtual machines backed by virtual disks synthesised from storage layers that define snapshots. Clusters of these machines, with isolated NICs connected only on private virtual bridges can be used to simulate private clouds and used in conjunction with PVM (Parallel Virtual Machine) or MPI (Message Passing Interface). Virtual machines can be accessed using RDP, VNC or Spice protocols as desired.


Terminal devices (diskless desktops) leverage BIOS network boot (also referred to as LAN boot) capability to download an iPXE bootloader, which in turn sets up an iSCSI target on the Eigenboot server as the boot device.


Combines course material created as rich web content with virtual machines configured specifically for it. Both, content and virtual machine are made available over the network, through a unified portal accessed via a browser.