Enterprises have complex requirements and stand to benefit the most from leveraging virtualization. While they also have more stringent quality and support requirements, lock-in to proprietary technology is avoidable. These constraints guided our design of a solution based on open source components enhanced with custom workflows to suit your specific needs.

We understand the industry’s quickly evolving demands and needs, and strive to help you leverage virtualization in the best possible way to

  1. Build scalable solutions
  2. Manage resources efficiently
  3. Provision and control assets

We understand the needs of small and medium businesses. We strive to bring you the benefits of virtualization, keeping in mind your unique needs. SMBs turn to us for efficient and bleeding edge end-point management. Using our experience with virtualization and need based design, we help SMBs to

  1. Provision standard, configured desktops with a single click
  2. Re-define software configuration standards seamlessly to adapt and evolve according growing needs
  3. Recover from desktop downtime issues faster than ever.

Having been through the Indian engineering education system, we were acutely aware of the shortfalls the lack of adequate laboratory facilities lead to. While the Internet brought to bear advances in technology to the field of web based education, we still lacked a scalable laboratory environment that was affordable. We, at Colama, sought to bridge that gap.


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