Centrally manage diskless desktops

Cuts down operational costs. Reduces downtime. Simplifies updates. Scales on demand.



Group desktops

Supports grouping of desktops and can serve different boot OSes per group.

Select OS

Can be configured to let the user select an OS at boot time.

Load balancing

Supports multiple NICs and server load balancing

Root access

Users can enjoy root/admin access on their desktops.

Persistent changes

User modifications on the desktop, can be made persistent across reboots, if you so choose.

Auto reset

Configure a group of desktops to auto reset on reboot.

Easy updates

Update one desktop and propagate the update to a group of or all desktops.

No HDD or flash disk

Absolutely no storage required on the desktop.

Restore Point

Restore a desktop to a previously saved state. Reduces downtime.

Simplify backup

No need to backup every desktop. Backup the EigenBoot server.

Web Filtering

Restrict or allow access to only those sites that the admin sees fit.

Remote console

Get console view of any desktop.

Directory Service

Supports any directory service for user logins.

Multi OS

Supports Windows and Linux flavours. Manage and provision multiple OS configurations.

Remote Power cycle

The desktops can be powered on or off from the server.


Share, in readonly mode, a desktop’s screen with others

Third Party DHCP

Can work with third party DHCP.

Network Topologies

Can work in a VLAN. Subdomain is required.



standard VDI solutions keep adding expensive servers for acceptable performance.
EigenBoot leverages the compute power of the endpoints to provide unmatched scalability and performance.


Control costs by leveraging thin clients

Lower capital expense

Lower power consumption

Lower maintenance expense

Centralized management and ease of use

Very easy to set up, administer and use

Upgrade multiple desktops at once

No specialized training required

Web based interface

Responsive user experience

Leverages local graphics acceleration

Watch HD video!

Reduced downtime

Central data storage simplifies backup

Snapshotting and rollback improves malware resilience

Supports multiple operating systems



Scalable and highly available

Pay as you go - ramp up capacity as per requirement



Enterprise Desktops

Reduce downtime leading to operational cost cuts.

Provision desktops at will.

Making a configuration available to a group of users is a click away.


Dynamically change number of desktops serving a client at any given point in time.

Supports all necessary input and output devices.

Use the same desktop to serve multiple clients, in shifts.

Propagate updates with ease.


Prepare lab for exams in a click.

Conduct practicals for different needs in the same physical lab setup.

Demonstrate assignments on one machine and get the entire class to see them on their respective desktops.

Internet cafes

Pristine setup every reboot.

Nullify the effect of Viruses and trojan attacks.